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If you have the product, a proper product, and the resources it’s easy to go viral.

I can create your advertising videos. I can create graphics. I can write copy.

Jammy467 has been creating custom web graphics for 28 years, using Corel, Photoshop and in a lesser capacity the now defunct Paintshop Pro. He’s tested many graphics packages over the years but knows that Corel and Photoshop are the best around.

Jammy467 is a web based graphic designer. He currently only designs images for the web. He did have some experience with Illustrator and Flash. They are both defunct now too since Adobe took over all of Macromedia’s  business and software. Now it’s Photoshop and Dreamweaver.

I have taken what I learnt over 28 years and started to apply it to video advertising. You can call it advertising, marketing or promotion. It’s really all the same thing.

“How can we get the most people to this page?”

Video advertising can do that for you in a totally viral way. Viral means “like a virus” everyone gets it.

I don’t subscribe to that way of thinking. It’s not niche enough. I don’t want everyone to get it. I  focus on viraly infecting predetermined targets. I don’t want to spread a virus. Just market to the best people for the offer I may be promoting at any given time.

If you want a different way to properly promote your business contact me and we’ll hook you up.